RCWHEELS™ RC Stunt Car Type R

RCWHEELS™ RC Stunt Car Type R

RCWHEELS™ RC Stunt Car Type R

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Unlimited FUN with Remote Controlled Vehicles.


Are your kids having too much screen time? Let's get them outside to play with RCWHEELS™ RC Stunt Car Type R.

RC cars offer more than just fun🎉. In fact, they are a great learning tool, which promotes family bonding and outdoor play.

# Promotes outdoor play

Research shows that children love playing outdoors more than ever before. Even though some RC vehicles may be used indoors, they are quite exciting to use outdoors. Rather than watching television or playing video games, the child can get outside and have fun with an RC car.

# Improves fine motor skills

Children start to develop fine motor skills at young age. Thus, your three-year-old can easily understand the concept of controlling an RC car. Older children can use their fine motor skills to replace a component like transmission.

# Hand-eye coordination

Just like video games, remote control vehicles can help a player increase hand-eye coordination, but in a better way than the video games, this is particularly because they use real word navigation. Also, the crashing and car damage are real, so playing with RC can actually hone reaction time when driving the real cars.  When one gets accustomed to using a controller, the reaction speed improves with time.

# Enhancing an interest

The moment your kid plays an RC car, they are slowly developing and enhancing another interest. Maybe they will want to be a car racing driver in future or maybe an engineer. As you might have realized RC cars uses the same fundamental principle as the one on the regular car. Some schools are actually using RC cars as a learning aid.

# Responsibility

Just like a normal vehicle, RC car ought to be maintained properly. This certainly helps your child to learn some basic principles that will help him or her become responsible. Even though a young child requires assistance by an adult, your child will eventually learn how to use the RC car.

RCWHEELS™ RC Stunt Car is durable and lightweight. Durable wheels and well-designed anti-skid tires provide high speed and stable running performance. It can run on the sand, grass, shallow water, 45°slope and climb mountain path! A great present for kids and provides happy time for kids and parents!

Due to shipping regulation,

Battery for RC stunt car: 4 * AAA battery (not included)
Battery for remote controller: 2 * AA battery (not included)

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