EduJoy™ WaterDoodle Mat

EduJoy™ WaterDoodle Mat

EduJoy™ WaterDoodle Mat

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    EduJoy™ - Keep Learning FUN


    Do you face the above annoyance? Did your toddler find a pen and draw on your walls, furniture, curtains, or maybe even your pet? 

    CONGRATULATIONS! Your child is curious and has discovered a new tool to play with. Children are naturally curious and imaginative. The world around them is new to them, and they are on a quest to understand it. It is easy to see, then, why infantile scribbles soon evolve into stick figures, stick figures into detailed sketches.

    This is the PERFECT time to introduce this amazing mess-free drawing toy - EduJoy™ WaterDoodle Mat and show them how and where to use them. Congratulate your child, too. Tell them you are proud of them for trying to make marks on a new surface.

    This mat is one of the educational toy which:-

    ✏️ Designed for joint creative activity for both children and parents. Let you and your child make graffiti together and enjoy the happiness.

    ✏️ Enhance children's creative potential, develop their writing and painting skills.

    ✏️ No more "decorated" furniture and wallpaper in your house.

    ✏️ Communicative link between you and your children. 

    ✏️ Unlimited repeating usage.

    WaterDoodle Mat is made of high-quality materials where it constructed of harmless, environmental material to uphold the highest standard of safety. You only need to fill up the magic marker with water and start doodle on the magic mat. Kids will be fascinated by the colorful images that spring up after drawing on it and the drawings will magically disappear in few minutes. A perfect toy for your little kids!



    WaterDoodle Mat is definitely a perfect gift for all festivals such as children birthdays, Halloween, Christmas or any other occasions, enabling children to play together and enjoy their childhood.

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